Taisha Vitolo


BIO-Bio- Taisha-Mae Vitolo is a Welsh-born, Melbourne-based designer with a focus on a more classic and refined style. As a designer, her mission is to create garments that both flatter and enhance the natural beauty of the female figure. Her aesthetic is a combination of sleek, elegance and sophistication with a flair for embellishments. Taisha-Mae believes that the greatest luxury anyone could have is the empowering feeling of being confident in your own skin. Structured shoulders combined with figure-hugging silhouettes creates a seamless second skin on the body and allows the wearer to flaunt their figure tastefully while exuding their beauty and grace.

Design Statement:

Collection Statement- Taisha-Mae Vitolo's graduate collection explores how we process and accept grief and the marks that we are left to deal with in its wake. It’s inspired by the idea of finding the beauty amid darkness and is a celebration of the emotional journey. The collection incorporates aspects of Welsh culture into the designs as a nod to the designer’s heritage and background. This collection is also a celebration of women’s strength and determination to be more authoritative and dominant within the gender roles in society. The collection consists of a sophisticated colour palette of black with touches of red and silver. Each garment features hand-beading with a mixture of crystal, glass and seed beads adding depth and dimension to the garments. Structured shoulders give the garments an air of power and confidence and give the wearer an imposing and aggressive, something women are not commonly associated with.