Tanya Intharaglaiwankul


Tanya is a versatile and highly passionate designer with a focus on detail and a deep commitment to crafting visually captivating experiences. In terms of fashion design, she wishes to design clothing that comes with a unique and eye-catching design while remaining comfortable, flexible, and easy to wear in everyday life. Her goal is to design clothes that make customers capture their attention and stand out on every occasion. She believes that the quality of stitching and fabric patterns are essential in my design since they permit the cloth to have a special look at the same time while ensuring comfort. Her work reflects a seamless blend of creativity, functionality, quality, and comfort.

Design Statement:

Razzle dazzle or Dazzle camouflage is a major design statement. This design concept originated during World War I when soldiers required a solution to confuse the enemy by using a unique uniform design to make the enemy unable to estimate the distance of the battleship. This idea was pioneered by English marine artist, Norman Wilkinson. He utilised geometric shapes and used varying patterns to obscure and make it difficult for the enemy to accurately estimate the shape and distance. I have incorporated this concept into my collection by using disruptive patterns that spark curiosity. This makes the clothes become more complex and mysterious.