Tara Johnston


Hailing from the vibrant landscape of Australia, Tara Johnston is a fashion designer who infuses the spirit of alternative and grunge aesthetics into every stitch. Drawing inspiration from nostalgic sci-fi films, and the rebellious energy of retro fashion, she crafts designs that challenge the conventional norms of the industry. With a passion for defying boundaries and reimagining the fashion landscape, Tara blends the raw essence of grunge with unexpected elements, creating a distinctive fusion that resonates with the daring and the bold. Her collections evoke a sense of rebellious nostalgia, capturing the atmosphere of a bygone era and sharpens it with a contemporary edge.

Design Statement:

Inspired by the timeless allure of retro fashion and the endless possibilities of space exploration, "Blue Odyssey" embarks on a journey of self-expression. The collection is a fusion of nostalgia and futurism, seamlessly blending elements from the past with the limitless dreams of the cosmos. The collection is engineered from the versatility of denim and the structural integrity of crinoline. Dark greys and blues dominate the colour palette, invoking the deep expanse of space, with vibrant pops of orange symbolising the fiery spirit of adventure. "Blue Odyssey" is characterised by geometric lines, intricate custom weaving techniques, and spaceship panel prints. These design elements are not only visually striking but also represent unique innovations within the collection, offering a fresh perspective on retro-inspired fashion.