Tasia Linardos


I am Tasia, a creative individual with extensive experience in various creative fields and mediums. I began my career with a deep passion for hair and makeup in film and TV. Since then, I’ve explored floristry and photography while complementing my natural skills in visual arts. My art is characterized by high-contrast visuals that capture emotions and narratives in unique ways. As a multidisciplinary artist, I weave stories that resonate deeply, whether it’s through characters, fashion, or landscapes. My journey is all about creating emotion-laden visuals that delve into the extraordinary aspects of the human experience.

Design Statement:

Laced with Denim is a captivating and innovative editorial concept that seamlessly weaves together the timeless and rugged appeal of denim with the delicate charm of lace. This juxtaposition of two seemingly contrasting elements creates a visual narrative that celebrates the duality within each one of us—strong and delicate, rustic and refined.