Taylor Jade Hunt


Taylor Jade is an Interior Designer based in Sydney, Australia. Her journey in Interior Design began in 2018, when she completed a Diploma of Interior Design. From there, she worked in Furniture Design for an Australian furniture company. Taylor Jade started her journey at Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia in 2021 to further develop her design values and enhance her aesthetic. With a focus on quiet design and impactful interior landscapes, Taylor Jade aims to create bespoke spaces while maintaining a close relationship with sustainable and ethically sourced materials and products. Taylor Jade’s aesthetic reflects longevity, simplicity and impact.

Design Statement:

This house is built upon the idea of slow, laid-back summer living, a time to mindfully connect and peacefully exist in the Mykonian landscape. Soho Aleomandra by Soho House is opening its first Boutique House, a collaboration of the Soho brand and the Aleomandra location. Soho House is an exclusive members-only club catering to the young, city-dwelling creative class, providing them with beautiful spaces to be young and creative together. The Boutique House will embody unique Greek Design and Architecture. An effortless transition from inside to outside, the idea of form follows emotion and an opportunity to rest and reflect. Infusing the feeling of Agora, an Ancient Greek term meaning “to gather together,” and develop a deeper connection with its landscape.