Torie Exton


Torie Exton is an Australian fashion designer, currently based in Melbourne. Growing up in regional Victoria provided Torie with a nature based perspective that has significantly influenced her design philosophy. Her design aesthetic can be distinguished by creating pieces that reflect a sense of fun and optimism, through infusion of colour, shape and form. Print design has become a key element to her design identity, through experimentation of combining elements of nature with digitalising techniques. Her innovative approach to prints and her passion for pushing creative boundaries has led Torie to her Ready-to-Wear collection ‘Florence’.

Design Statement:

‘Florence’ is a Ready-to-Wear capsule collection that invites you to experience the world of fashion through a lens of colour, shape and print.Inspired by the unique colour palettes and textures found in Australian nature the collection looks into nature's form and shapes. Which are then reimagined with futuristic and digital-inspired touches, embracing the fusion of technology and natural organics. The use of print creates optical illusions that challenge perceptions, while bold and bright colour palettes add an element of the absurd, inviting you to explore the sensations of colour.