Ulani Behrens


Interior designer Ulani Behrens is a creative who values originality and quality design. With the psychological change our surrounding environments can influence, Ulani believes design should be a tool for crafting interiors that enhance and inspire our everyday lives. Each space evokes an intended feeling through her specialty in creating compelling palettes through effectively using colour and curating unique material and textural layering. With a core interest in interior product design, Ulani strives to understand and elevate the func- tionality and usability of interior spaces. Considering every aspect of the brief, site and client, she can effectively adapt and deliver successful designs.

Design Statement:

Stella Maris is a high-end aged care facility designed to inspire nostalgia through an ele- vated use of Modernist design elements. Accommodating our elderly demographic who lived through an era of mid-century design, this residence will instigate a comforting, hom- ily feel, enhancing the quality of life of its residents. With many fearful of their future living in aged care, Stella Maris strives to lead a progressive change towards the design of aged care facilities. Many aspects of this project reflect the most iconic modernist designers of the past. The immersive colour palette draws from the surrounding landscape of the site and works to highlight the incredible coastal location.