Vania Tan


Born in Indonesia, Vania Tan grew up in a diverse and multicultural environment, she was exposed to a myriad of influences that shaped her unique perspective on design and aesthetics. Moving to a different country reflects her determination to embrace change and adapt to new surroundings. With a deep appreciation for the interplay of culture and design, she embarked on her journey to study Creative Direction and Styling. Her experiences across different countries and backgrounds have given her a well-rounded understanding of how culture can impact artistic expression. Armed with her international exposure and creative insight, she is dedicated to bringing a fresh and diverse approach to every project she undertakes.

Design Statement:

The concept of Ukiyo-e is executed in the form of a lifestyle editorial, drawing from the tradition of Ukiyo-e. The aim is to consider the essence of “slow living” and the interplay of the philosophical and visual aspects of biomimicry, specifically that of the lotus flower.
 The publication explores the elegance of harmony along with the natural world’s rhythm, with the elements and principles of the lotus design appearing throughout the editorial. Timber textures are incorporated to tie it back to the Ukiyo-e style of design, which is known to utilise woodblock as its medium. To effectively create this content, a diverse range of skills are required, this includes creative direction, photography, layout design, illustration, sourcing, casting, planning, and logistics. [Curated and produced by Vania Tan].