Vinay Moana Singh


Vinay is an up and coming Western Sydney based fashion designer, specialising in ornate evening wear. Heavily inspired by his multi-racial ethnicity, he strives to design and showcase fashion that pays homage to his heritage in the eyes of the western world, whilst challenging fashion-based gender norms. His love of filmic and visual storytelling allows him to develop strong and meaningful narratives within the works of his collections, aiming to convey an unforgettable story to his audience. Being a recipient of the Australian Woolmark Grant, Vinay was able to produce a collection that explores the bounds of men’s tailoring in unisense with traditional bridal wear. His design identity resonates in bringing new ideas to cultural and gender expression, shining a spotlight on areas he is passionate to offer in the fashion industry.

Design Statement:

‘The Prince and the Maharaja’ is a transeasonal evening wear collection that references traditional Indian attire whilst playing with gender norms. wool is used to recontextualise western men’s tailoring with indian textile methods such as mirror embroidery, metallic applique, and saree draping. dramatic cuts and risque silhouettes are used to convey a modern touch, highlighting the body. High waistlines and powerful shoulder lines pay reference to design shapes of the 1970s, in harmony with the dark tones and hues associated with old Bollywood. This collection brings forth new ideas of cultural exploration and gender fluidity, playing with the concept of freed masculinity, personified by the tale of two princes in love.