Zoe Atkinson


Aspiring Creative Director, Zoe Atkinson, passionately delves into photography, styling, and graphic design across a wide spectrum of disciplines. Zoe consistently delivers high-quality work, with each project representing a unique evolution of her design aesthetic, tailored to the narrative she aims to visually communicate. Her projects evoke a strong sense of power and ambition through a visual exploration of contemporary brutalism, a trending design concept. Within each project, Zoe's vibrant and bubbly personality shines through, propelling her ambition to create work of unparalleled quality. As an emerging designer, she eagerly seeks engagement with the creative communities in Sydney and London.

Design Statement:

This lifestyle exploration delves into architecture, interiors, cuisine, and fashion, emphasising stark styles like brutalism and minimalism. It highlights that even in challenging and unconventional spaces, one can discover comfort and a sense of belonging. At its core, this exploration centres on strength, self-discovery, and finding beauty in challenging circumstances. It cherishes the distinctive aspects of daily life, nurturing a sense of peace and gratitude amid challenges. The concept represents an indomitable spirit, tightly bound by resilience. This heartfelt edit encapsulates the continuous search for peace in adversity, revealing the extraordinary within the ordinary.