georgia crockford


Georgia Crockford is a Sydney and Newcastle-based interior designer who strives to create spaces that evoke excitement and sensation through the application of design principles. This connects to the dynamic and tangible design style that Georgia is passionate about, as she values vibrant design with a focus on pattern, colour, and texture, closely exploring distinction and variation. The ultimate objective for Georgia is interior design that evokes emotions and establishes memories. As her design philosophy and formulae continue to develop, she embraces pushing aesthetic boundaries and strives to maintain originality throughout her designs. She challenges established trends and aims to showcase her unique viewpoint.

Design Statement:

Syrah Estate will transport you into the surrounding countryside through decadent food, exquisite wines, and irresistible atmospheres. Uncover the world of luxury revealed through this elegant escape, a destination winery and restaurant where individuals can recharge and disconnect from reality. Chef Sam Aisbett’s established practices and aesthetic are represented through the immersive fine dining experience located in the Hunter Valley. Relax and unwind in nature, enliven in the inground pool, and appreciate the hand-crafted food and wine. Entwining the opulent Australian outback with a modern, minimalist aesthetic. The materiality enhances nature, texture, and warmth. Explore refinement with bursts of colour throughout the space in tints and shades of dusty pink, golden yellow and eucalypt green. Embrace the serenity and be surrounded by nature’s finest.