Takoda Neville Meyer is a young Creative and Stylist based in Melbourne, with an interest for creating refined thought provoking content. His work is best known for androgynous and utilitarian aesthetics in styling with influence taken from trailblazers such as Raf Simons and Helmut Lang.​​​​​​​
Takoda creates his work through the lens of youth culture with particular reference to legacy and history both social and personal. By employing a colour palette he titles ‘Neutral Natural’ and a clean cut edge he creates cohesion and balance between his work. Striving to create thought provoking material within his work he uses methods such as juxtaposition throughout his practice, which allows for an intriguing contrast. Takoda’s strong sense of design and style can be easily recognised through his distinguishing compositions that administer a classic but modern exuberance.

‘Formalities’, an exploration of youth culture and the societal conventions which are challenged during adolescence. Taking its aesthetic influence from the rebellious fashions of the punk movement, Queer visibility and its subcultural vogue as well as the historical context of uniform and the ability it has to create cohesion and unity within a social group. Coming to fruition in the form of an editorial publication accompanied by an extensive social media rollout, ’Formalities’ will include photography, graphics and mix media alongside supporting video content focusing on youthful aesthetics derived from manly hemispheres.
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