Tanisha Prasad is a dedicated multidisciplinary artist and designer. Prior to studying at Whitehouse Institute of Design, Tanisha worked in the creative industry for four years on multiple projects including musicals, promotional material, interior design, music videos and fashion/beauty editorials. Growing up as a queer POC, Tanisha’s works are heavily influenced by embracing contemporary forms of self-expression and engaging in political discourse. They have applied their love for politics and contemporary thinking through their design work in areas such as photography for food, interior, lifestyle, fashion and beauty styling as well as graphic design and concept design.

Exploring the idea of digital eugenics, Shift focuses on the evolution of humans leading towards artificial intelligence. This is showcased through a video game aesthetic, following the narrative of the development of avatars that evolve into artificial intelligence and attempt to break the system they are programmed with. Shift utilises digital fashion, set design, 3D rendering and videography to convey this narrative through the collateral of a video, editorial, game cards and 3D figures. 

The digital fashion aspect of Shift is paired with 3D rendering to illustrate an animated version of the looks throughout the editorial thus intrinsically placing the characters in a digital universe. This is elaborated by the set design which illustrates a dystopian scene which enhances the theme of the hypothetical video game.
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