A student at the Whitehouse Institute of Design, Tanya Bhatia has taken a long route to follow her passion for studying fashion design. With a strong desire to work in the industry, Tanya initially built on her experience of establishing a fashion brand through the retail world. Eventually, her ambition to bring together her Indian heritage and Australian childhood through fashion led her to Whitehouse. Often inspired by the colours of nature, Tanya’s aesthetics lean towards monochromatic looks which aim to stand out through unique design details or silhouettes. With a design philosophy centring around feminine, empowering and comfortable luxury, Tanya hopes to create a more inclusive fashion future.

This collection titled sensible sinner deeply delves into the various character archetypes within a story, specifically focusing on the villain. Storytelling has consisted of a simple formula, a beginning, middle and end. Something so simple has eventually found its way into becoming the most complicated art form that is at the core of everything. Our lives can be summed down to a simple tale and yet be ever so complicated with the many twists and turns and various characters that come into play. One character which no story is complete without is the villain. A personality that in simple terms can be summed down from the negative to the positive. However, as society begins to question all the tales of facts and beliefs that have been passed down over generations, one rebellious character has gone from being recognised as uncaring, selfish and downright evil, to independent, respectable and almost inspirational is the independent working woman. This collection draws inspiration from the uniform of all the confident and resilient women characters who have been portrayed as sinful in various stories. When all they were aiming to do was create an independent life for themselves. By incorporating different forms of layers and modular fashion to represent the actual layers that these characters portray, this collection Sensible Sinner hopes to transform the modest beige and browns into powerful silhouettes to represent independence in a better, stronger light. 
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