It's (Still) Life!

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Taya Lee is an Art Director, Stylist & Photographer based in Sydney. Best known for her playful design aesthetic inspired by sustainable design practices, Taya successfully brings these elements together in her original design concepts. These frequently integrate food, flowers, lifestyle and fashion. Her portfolio of work for the past two years encompasses a wide range of mediums and design projects including still-life photography, high-end fashion editorials and several high-profile photographic projects featuring food and interior styling. Keenly interested in branding, print and digital design, photography and art direction; Taya has worked with brands such as Mud Australia, Camp Cove Swim and Edan Flowers. 
It’s (Still) Life!’ is a series of editorials with a focus on still life product photography, art direction and print design, featuring local and sustainable brands such as Mud Australia, Camp Cove Swim and Edan Flowers. My styling and photography is inspired by still life paintings, such as those by Morandi and Margaret Preston. 
The project’s visual narrative is structured from morning time to evening with a focus on capturing small moments throughout a day. A poem written by Rafe Skidmore is woven throughout, linking my photography and illustration to the narrative. ‘It’s (Still) Life!’ has also taken inspiration from 80’s interiors and Japanese Ikebana. The title itself is fun and playful, while calming and mellow, and these emotions are followed through in the photography and graphic design. I sought to contrast the playfulness of the title with the calming notion of a still life, hence the colourful yet soothing aesthetic encapsulated in the work.


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