Tegan Whittaker is a graduate from the Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia and is passionate about styling, photography & graphic design. This body of work is a social commentary on women’s issues, identity, music subcultures and youth culture. Tegan’s work displays a strong visual emphasis on high contrast graphics in all areas of her work.
She focuses on putting elements of herself and the quirky qualities of her interests & inspirations into her projects, such as, 90’s & 2000’s nostalgia, music and sci-fi media; while showing off her recognizable aesthetic of minimalism and high contrast.

Heavy Petal is inspired by the riot grrrl movement of the 90s and how they did not reject stereotypical feminine traits but instead made it their own. In Heavy Petal, female musicians are interviewed on their perspective of feminism in the alternative rock scene, showcased beside live photography of their gigs. This is interspersed with high fashion editorial images to reference this multifaceted nature of femininity -  women can be delicate and strong at the same time.
This magazine aims to target the women or feminine presenting people who love live music & the punk scene, who feel as though women are not encouraged enough.
Our purpose is to celebrate women & feminine presenting people in all their rage and beauty. Heavy Petal showcases the beauty in being aggressive, sensitive, angry and all things seen as unbecoming of women represented by the smudged makeup, dark eyeliner, studs and safety pins, while also showcasing these women in pearls, jewels, big dresses and pretty makeup, representing their vulnerable, feminine side.
Heavy Petal Is the magazine about the contrast of femininity and punk rock, being strong but sensitive, pretty but rageful. Contrast is at the core of riotgrrrl fashion: military boots paired with miniskirts; flannel shirt paired with mini dresses, shaved head and natural makeup. Throughout, the choice of flowers are used as a metaphor - the expectation of soft, delicacy is shattered by using sharp, edged flowers with thorns and spikes.
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