Tilly Pastoors recently graduated with a bachelor of design from Whitehouse Institute of Design. She specialises in styling, photography and videography, having a deep interest in the fluidity between fashion and music. Throughout her childhood her mother exposed her to horror films and a variety of music, this followed through into her design inspiration. She is recognised for pushing boundaries and accumulating the camp aesthetic within her work. Tilly is passionate about bizarre films and stories, using these as main inspiration within her work. Being raised by a single mother, she loves to have strong females as her main focus within her work. Tilly finds her passion in bringing a concept to life through styling and editing, transforming an idea to a captivating narrative. 

Rebirth incorporates the narrative of becoming consumed by a video game, main inspirations include the film The Matrix and the popular video game Nier. The game was released in 2010 and has since then been one of the most raved about games with a captivating storyline and interesting characters. The most popular video games normally have dystopian or horror aspects to the product. The styling and direction of this concept will follow through with that, garments taking on a dystopian vibe. The narrative will give viewers a chance to feel they can interact with the video/editorial. This project also represents the change and development I have had within my designs over the past 3 years. Throughout the past three years I have grown as an individual and designer, my aesthetic almost entirely changing since the beginning of my journey. When I started my studies my aesthetic was quite youthful and naive, whereas it has now evolved into a darker and more mature direction. As of this I have called this project Rebirth to commemorate that. 
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