Under the Canopy ‘takes inspiration from the dualistic aspect of nature, specifically how it has the ability to destroy society’s conventional notions of feminine and masculine archetypes with its ability to destroy and nurture simultaneously. This idea is translated by using a men’s wear block to create a feminine silhouette. This is aligned with the current state of fashion as brands and designers are experimenting with gender fluidity as means of bettering our society. “When brands are willing to acknowledge the social construction of gender and the ways in which they can construct their own ideas, acceptance for gender expression will grow both within and outside of the queer community”(York, 2022). 

Moreover, the collection is aligned with the subculture and aesthetic known as Gorpcore, which is “the fusion of hiking and traditional fashion attire” (Richardson, 2019)the name is derived from the “colloquial term for trail mix (“Good Ol’ Raisins and Peanuts”).  The key component of Gorpcore is a focus on wearing utilitarian functional outdoor gear. However, The funiculate aspect is not only limited to the structure of the garments but the use of colours.” The first thing you’re likely to notice about gorpcore is that the clothes tend to be rather colourful—unless they’re not”. Traditional camping gear and outerwear tend to feature bright colours, like purple orange, green, red, blue and pink; because of their contrasting tone with the colours of nature (Iannitello, 2022)  . Nevertheless, neutral tones also have their place in the Gorpcore wardrobe. Beige, brown, olive green and retro patterns a particularly popular. These elements have been incorporated into the three-piece collection consisting of unique fabric manipulation, trimmings, and fastenings. 
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