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Yvonne Southern is a Sydney based Creative Director and Stylist with a passion for design and art. Movies, editorial fashion and magazines are just a few of her inspirations. She has had a lifelong love for painting and for the work of Basquiat and Warhol. Over the years this love of art has influenced her Creative Direction and inspired her design approach to interior, fashion and food styling, graphics and photography.  
ADAPT is a seasonal quarterly publication. With the intent to have print and online versions available, ADAPT reaches an international audience. 
The signature concept of ADAPT magazine is titled ‘Runway to Room’ and will appear in each issue, translating fashion trends from current runway shows into home decor and styling choices. The underlying theme for this Spring 2021 issue is Colour! So jump into this issue with the desire to make your wardrobe and home pop!
The current pandemic has heavily influenced the title of this publication as it not only communicates the theme but reminds us this was created in a time where everything and everyone had to adapt to new situations and circumstances. Staying home has become the new ‘norm’ so creating a space you truly love is really beneficial to your state of mind. 
Above all, I really wanted to encourage readers to have an optimistic outlook through new and fun ideas for their home and wardrobe, despite the difficulties of 2020!
All styling, photography and Art Direction by Yvonne Southern.  


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