Zali Drew is an emerging fashion design graduate, currently based in Melbourne. She has received the Academic Excellence award at Whitehouse as well showcasing her graduate collection in the Melbourne Fashion Week Student Runway. Additionally, Zali was also selected as a finalist for the Melbourne Fashion Week Student Award.  Her strongest works are menswear, all with a camp influence, both literally and figuratively. Her recent graduate collection made by clashing absurd prints, she has recently found a flair for creating menswear and is excited by excellence in craftsmanship. Zali has a talent in the production aspects of design and is extremely passionate about the quality of production standards.

“Want to wander with me?” is a mix and match collection inspired by the psyche of the elite and power dressing in the literal and figurate sense. Created using multiple clashing prints with a range of fabrications and accessories, these garments were created with the intention they can be worn as separate pieces in day-to-day life or styled together for an editorial look. The bodies curated for ‘Want to wander with me?’ were designed from the idea that more is more. More opulence, more hardware, and more patterned fabrics allow the strong themes within the collection such as strength in shape, athleticism and tailored design to be showcased. The garments within ‘Want to wander with me?” feature hallmarks of early sportswear and has been emphasised through the extensive use of wool fabrications.
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