Zoe Van Dinter is a young emerging fashion designer from Far North Queensland. Since furthering her studies in Sydney, her love for nature has been expressed through her work. Exploring her design flare, Zoe’s work displays an open approach to new methods of fabrication, feminine empowered garments, and a down to earth feel. With the love of old and raw materials, Zoe finds beauty and difference. Using organic textures, native colours and sculptural silhouettes, Zoe’s designs reflect this. 

TANNIN focuses on raw imperfections that become beauty. 
The Spring/Summer collection is influenced by the vast Australian landscape, from the rich northern country dust to the deep shades of the Blue Mountains. This collection 
doesn't hide imperfections, but embraces them. Standing on its own with burnt fabric hems, raw untouched finishings, TANNIN’s garments explore unconventional standards. 

TANNIN's neutral and discordant colour palette draws from delicate eucalyptus greens and rusted earth materials. With fabrics that embrace ripples from rivers, and silhouettes inspired from wild mushrooms, the collection embraces Australia's fauna and flora. Garment silhouettes were pushed to expand outside the box, whilst keeping functionality and a feminine feel. The TANNIN collection makes you feel free.
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