Angelina Hondroyiannis is an illustrator, photographer, and stylist. She is an accomplished designer and recent graduate of the Bachelor of Creative Direction and Styling at Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia. Previously living on the acreage and working at her family’s fruit shop before studying in Sydney, Angelina has a deep connection to country and family life. Currently her work has developed to accommodate her deep connections, especially that which highlights her skills in illustrative line work, color, editorial layout, photography and styling. With passions deriving from constant influence of both rural and urban life, the juxtaposition of flora and fauna versus metals and technology is a main factor in her work. 

‘HEIRLOOM’ is a vibrant demonstration of the combination of a country lifestyle and of contemporary fashion. The project is exceedingly modern with references to concurrent architecture, food styling and fashion, while exhibiting vegetables as a main source of inspiration. The imagery is inspired by Angelina’s home environment, family connection and generational knowledge of vegetables evidenced in her work. This editorial is an example of Angelina’s unique take on tradition and its place in our modern lives - an idea of which people from any culture can relate.
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