Studying a Bachelor of Design in Creative Direction and Styling at Whitehouse Institute of Design, Gabriela’s trademark as a creative, is a fusion of her environment, being Western Sydney, and its lifestyle that represents an array of diverse cultures and art forms. Alongside the rich culture embedded in the visual identity of her influences, another sense to highlight is taste. Since 2019, Gabriela has worked closely with her father within the hospitality industry where a spark of interest within the food realm ignited. An upbeat yet minimalistic style and approach with a refreshing outlook through her personal experience.

‘PRIMAVERA’ is an ode to the relationship Gabriela has with the Culinary Arts and lifestyle in Hospitality. This food and lifestyle magazine aspires to merge both of these worlds together. In essence, the editorial explores multiple narratives based on the hard work within the industry of food. Taking visual cues from current trends throughout the design world, the styling is clean and rich in textures; this ultimately presents the application of colour in food with a Spring/Summer feel. Throughout this editorial, she communicates the parallels of a chefs kitchen; the tools and the intensity behind the curtains, in contrast to the sweetness of her childhood with her father. The informed creative direction is influenced by Angel Fernandez a culinary director to be celebrated, as someone who has watched him use his passion to create art through food in many famous Australian restaurants. I have featured the process in making a menu, the end creation of a dish and a profile on Culinary Director Angel Fernandez.
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